Investment Pool Descriptions

Defined Benefit Plans

The Nebraska Investment Council is responsible for the investment of the assets in the Defined Benefit Plans. There are five Defined Benefits Plans- the School Retirement System of the State of Nebraska, the Nebraska Judges Retirement System, the Nebraska State Patrol Retirement System, the Omaha School Employees Retirement System, and the Omaha School Service Annuity Fund. For more detail information click here.

Retirement Plans

The Nebraska Investment Council determines the investments for the State Employees Retirement System of the State of Nebraska and the Retirement System for Nebraska Counties. For more detail information click here.

Public Endowments

The Nebraska Investment Council manages the investments for several endowments and various trusts. The investment strategy for these portfolios varies based on the objectives of the portfolio. For more detail information click here.

Operating Investment Pool

The Nebraska Investment Council invests the available money from the State’s general fund, reserve fund, and State boards, commissions, departments or agencies, and any other state funds not currently needed, into the Operating Investment Pool (OIP). The Department of Administrative Services calculates the average daily balance for each participant and distributes the earned income monthly on a pro-rata share basis. For more detail information click here.

Savings Plans

The Nebraska Investment Council approves the investments for the NEST Direct, NEST Advisor, TD Ameritrade, and State Farm College Savings Plans as well as the Enable Savings Plan. For more detail information click here.

Miscellaneous Trusts & Funds

The Nebraska Investment Council is responsible for managing the investments for the Excess Liability Fund, the Aeronautics Trust Fund, and the Agricultural Development Fund. Each portfolio has its own asset allocation policy. For more detail information click here.

Request for Proposal

NIC Consultant Services RFP 2024

Overview of Strategies

Overview of Strategies - Defined Benefit & Cash Balance Benefit Plans

Overview of Strategies - Endowments Portfolio

Overview of Strategies - Defined Contribution/Deferred Compensation Plans

Council Manager Partners

Manager Fund
AAVIN Equity Advisors, LLC AAVIN Equity Partners II, LP
Abbott Capital Management, LLC Abbott Capital Private Equity Fund V, L.P.
  Abbott Capital Private Equity Fund VI, L.P.
  Abbott Capital Private Equity Fund VII, L.P.
Accel-KKR Management LLC Accel-KKR Capital Partners III, LP
  Accel-KKR Capital Partners IV, LP
Almanac Realty Investors, LLC Almanac Realty Securities V, L.P.
  Almanac Realty Securities IX, L.P.
  Almanac Realty Securities VII, L.P.
  Almanac Realty Securities VIII, L.P.
Angelo, Gordon & Company, LP AG Realty Fund VIII, L.P.
Apollo Global Management, LLC India Property Fund II, LLC
Ares Management, LLC Ares Corporate Opportunities Fund III, L.P.
  Ares Corporate Opportunities Fund IV, L.P.
  Ares Corporate Opportunities Fund V, L.P.
  Ares Mezzanine Partners, L.P.
  EIF United States Power Fund IV, L.P.
Ares Management Corporation Landmark Real Estate Fund VI, L.P.
  Landmark Real Estate Fund VII, L.P.
  Landmark Real Estate Fund VIII, L.P.
  Landmark Real Estate Fund IX, L.P.
Arrowstreet Capital, L.P. Arrowstreet Funds
Baird Advisors Baird Funds
Barings LLC Barings Funds
Beacon Capital Partners Strategic Partners V, L.P.
BGO Strategic Capital Partners MREP International III, L.P.
  MREP International IV, L.P.
  MREP Secondaries & Co-Investments Fund, L.P.
BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. BlackRock - Russell 1000
  BlackRock - Russell 1000 Value
  BlackRock - US Debt
  BlackRock - US Equity Market
  BlackRock Core Plus
  BlackRock MSCI ACWI ex-US IMI 
  BlackRock LifePath Portfolio Index Funds O
BPOC Beecken Petty O'Keefe and Company IV, L.P.
Bridgepoint Advisers Limited Bridgepoint Europe IV, L.P.
  Bridgepoint Europe V, L.P.
  Bridgepoint Europe VI, L.P.
  Bridgepoint Europe VII, L.P.
BTG Timberland Investment Group, LLC BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Fund 1, LLC
CBRE Global Investors CBRE Strategic Partners U.S. Opportunity V, L.P.
Clarion Partners Clarion Lion Properties Fund, L.P.
Constitution Capital Partners Ironsides Partnership Fund IV, L.P.
  Ironsides Partnership Fund VII, L.P.
CVC Capital Partners CVC European Equity Partners V, L.P.
  CVC Capital Partners VI, L.P.
Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc. DFA Funds
Dodge & Cox Dodge & Cox Global Stock Fund
First Capital Partners, LLC FCP Fund II, LP
Francisco Partners Francisco Partners IV, L.P.
  Francisco Partners V, L.P.
  Francisco Partners VI, L.P.
  Francisco Partners VII, L.P.
Fremont Realty Capital Strategic Property Partners II, L.P.
Genstar Capital Partners LLC Genstar Capital Partners VIII, L.P.
  Genstar Capital Partners IX, L.P.
  Genstar Capital Partners X, L.P.
Goldman Sachs Asset Management Money Market Fund
  Real Estate Securities Fund
GQG Partners GQG Funds
Hamilton Lane SPC Funds
Harbourvest Partners, LLC Dover Street IX, L.P.
  Dover Street VIII, L.P.
  Dover Street X, L.P.
  Dover Street XI, L.P.
JP Morgan Investment Management, Inc. JP Morgan Global Maritime Investment Fund
  JP Morgan Strategic Property Fund
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P. Kayne Anderson Real Estate Fund, VI, L.P.
Leonard Green & Partners, L.P. Green Equity Investors VI, L.P.
  Green Equity Investors VII, L.P.
Lightyear Capital, LLC Lightyear Fund III, L.P.
Lincolnshire Management, Inc. Lincolnshire Equity Fund IV, L.P.
Loomis, Sayles & Company, L.P. Loomis Sayles Funds
Mariner Real Estate Management, LLC Mariner Real Estate Partners III, LLC
  Mariner Real Estate Partners IV, LLC
McCarthy Capital Fulcrum Growth Partners IV, L.P.
  McCarthy Capital Fund V, L.P.
  McCarthy Capital Fund VI, L.P.
  McCarthy Capital Fund VII, L.P.
  McCarthy Capital Fund VIII, L.P.
Merit Capital Partners Merit Mezzanine Fund V, L.P.
Metropolitan Real Estate Equity Management LLC Metro Real Estate Partners International III, L.P.
Metropolitan Real Estate Partners Metro Real Estate Partners VI, L.P.
  Secondaries & Co-Investment Fund, L.P.
MFS Institutional Advisors, Inc. MFS Funds
Morgan Stanley Prime Property Fund, LLC
New Enterprise Associates  New Enterprise Associates 13, L.P.
  New Enterprise Associates 14, L.P.
  New Enterprise Associates 17, L.P.
  New Enterprise Associates 18, L.P.
New Mountain Capital, LLC New Mountain Partners III, L.P.
  New Mountain Partners IV, L.P.
  New Mountain Partners V, L.P.
  New Mountain Partners VI, L.P.
  New Mountain Partners VII, L.P.
Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. Oaktree Real Estate Debt Fund, L.P.
  Oaktree Real Estate Opportunities Fund, VIII, L.P.
  Oaktree Real Estate Opportunities Fund IX, L.P.
Pacific Investment Management Company, LLC PIMCO Bravo Fund II, L.P.
  PIMCO Distressed Mortgage Fund, L.P.
  PIMCO Funds
Pathway Capital Management, L.P. Pathway Private Equity Fund XVIII, LLC
Pine Brook Partners Pine Brook Capital Partners II, L.P.
Presidio Partners Presidio Partners 2007
PGIM Real Estate Prudential Property Investment Separate Account
  Prudential Property Investment Separate Account II
Quantum Energy Partners Quantum Energy Partners V, LP
  Quantum Energy Partners VI, LP
  Quantum Energy Partners VII, LP
RCP Advisors, LLC RCP Fund VII, LP
Rockpoint Group, LLC Rockpoint Real Estate Fund III, L.P.
Rockwood Capital, LLC Rockwood Capital Real Estate IX, L.P.
  Rockwood Capital Real Estate X, L.P.
  Rockwood Capital Real Estate XI, L.P.
Stonetree Capital Management, LLC Stonetree Capital Fund IV, L.P.
Sun Capital Partners, Inc. Sun Capital Partners V, L.P.
The Energy & Minerals Group The Energy & Minerals Group Fund III, L.P.
T. Rowe Price Associates Stable Value Fund
The Jordan Company The Resolute Fund II, L.P.
  The Resolute Fund III, L.P.
  The Resolute Fund IV, L.P.
  The Resolute Fund V, L.P.
  The Resolute Fund VI, L.P.
The Rohatyn Group Management, LP TRG Growth II
Torchlight Investors Torchlight Debt Opportunity Fund IV, LLC
  Torchlight Debt Opportunity Fund V, LLC
  Torchlight Debt Opportunity Fund VI, LLC
  Torchlight Debt Opportunity Fund VII, LLC
UBS Realty Investors LLC UBS Trumbull Property Fund
Vaquero Global Investment, LLC Vaquero US EM Credit Fund, LP
Wayzata Investment Partners, LLC Wayzata Opportunities Fund II, L.P.
  Wayzata Opportunities Fund III, L.P.
Wellington Management Company, LLP Wellington Global Funds
Wynnchurch Capital Wynnchurch Capital Partners IV, L.P.
  Wynnchurch Capital Partners V, L.P.
25 Capital Partners, LLC Residential Mortgage OPP Fund